Reel Outlaws

Reel Outlaws

In many cities of the old west, their control was stricter than it is in the US today. Tombstone, Deadwood and Dodge City were the most restrictive. In 1870, people arriving in Wichita, Kansas, had signs with "Leave your revolver at the police station and make a record" or "You're welcome, no guns." There are images showing the entrance to Dodge City in 1879, with a billboard reads: "The carrying of firearms is strictly prohibited." Compare that with the current situation, where 49 of the 50 American states allow citizens to have guns and walk with them on the street. Surprisingly, the Old West was more responsible with firearms.

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The old times and the outlaws

So homicides were rare. On average, border towns recorded less than two per year. Even in the big cities, violence was not commonplace. The five largest cattle towns, formed around cattle ranching, account for only 45 homicides between 1870 and 1885. In Abilene, one of the most violent, no one was killed between 1869 and 1870. Ellsworth and Dodge City were the only ones to overcome five homicides per year.

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Bank robberies were equally uncommon. Bankers built sumptuous and well-protected buildings because they wanted to convey the notion of prosperity and security to their clients.  The duels were rare. When they did, they were locked away from the cities, by appointment, observing a rule-book: it was obligatory to have a witness, to take out their weapons at the same time, not to shoot behind their backs more than once. Even so, anyone who engaged in duels could be arrested - because they were illegal. In addition to the duels, there were shootings: unruly and rapid clashes involving gangs in cattle, gold or local trade disputes.

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